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Because great events make great souvenirs.

Grab a Souvenir!

The best concert you've ever been to, the best football match you've ever seen, ... What if you could had grabbed a souvenir of it?
Wait... It is possible?

Place2be collection

Yes, just find the Place2Be code :-)

Whenever you attend an Event, find the Place2Be code, scan it with your phone and grab the official Badge!
Beware! It's only unlockable during the event duration so don't be late!

Find p2b code 1
Find p2b code 2
Place2be concert

Come back, again and again

Many Events at the same place? Each time you scan the Place2Be code can make you unlock a new Badge!

Become a V.I.P

Certain Badges allow you to win gifts or to become V.I.P for a period of time. Whatch out for it in your Hall of Fame.

Place2be vip
Place2be noevent

Wait, what if I scan while there is no Event in the Place?

Nothing. You unlock Events, not places (Foursquare is a fantastic app for that). Come back later!

You convinced me. Let's give it a try.

Great! Find out where you can get Place2Be badges.
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