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Gamification is the use of Game Mechanics to (digitally) engage users and motivate them to achieve their Goals.
By defining challenges and granting points or awards (among others) you create metrics to reveal whom of your users are the most efficients and motivate the others to stay in the competition.

Did you say Game Mechanics ? What for ?

  • Each of us has a distinct way of playing games and will then be engaged by specific challenges. Bartle's Players Taxonomy differentiates four kinds of players [Bartle96]. Are you more of a Killer or an Achiever?
  • Gamification is becoming the new normal [Forbes15] and big players are already taking the trend seriously [TechRepublic14].
  • Engaging users is the best way to create brand ambassadors when leading marketing campaigns.

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What does Place2Be do?

Although Gamification is an easy to understand concept it's rather difficult to put it in place. Place2Be is a cloud infrastructure that nicely integrates with your app(s) and/or website(s) to handle the game mechanics for you.

The process is straighforward:

  1. You define Actions and Goals with our Live Editor.
  2. You define combination of Actions that must be fullfilled by you users to achieve your Goals.
  3. Your app triggers Actions done by your users.
  4. Place2Be infrastructure computes if a user has unlocked a new achievement and grants the Awards automatically.

Learn how to create gamification trees

What does Place2Be do for you?

We are passionate about games and gamification and we have many examples of challenges that can be put in place in order to:

  • Identify your customers
  • Improve your client retention
  • Increase user engagement

We are focus on making your app/website more attractive using the best gamification mechanics, it will :

  • Send a message to the market showing you care about innovation
  • Improve your branding and your visibility via the social networks
  • Obviously increase the users of your communication tools

Last but not least, we allow your customers to be aware that they are not on their own when they deal with your company, they play or compete with each others, and studies show that it is a premium factor of motivation !

Technically speaking

  • Define new Games via Live Editor or CLI.
  • RESTful API answering in JSON. From Gamification tree definition to Actions triggers and leaderboards. [See Example Output]
  • Examples in various languages to help you reducing your development time: iOS, Android, Ruby, Node.js, Python, cURL.
  • A/B Testing for criteria calibration (useful when prototyping).
  • Open Source Documentation. [Github repo]

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